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Environmental Management & Social Advisory Services

Preparation of Master plan for Sabarimala Pilgrimage (Interim Master Plan -Perspective 2015 & Regional Master Plan Perspective 2050) including Implementation of Immediate Interventions

Location: Kerala, India

Project Description:The Sabarimala Pilgrimage comprises various stakeholders with varied interests and priorities. The Outline Report or Concept Plan was developed through extensive research and consultations with over 45 streams of stakeholders associated with the pilgrimage to the Holy Shrine. It considered all previous reports on streamlining pilgrimage to Sabarimala and unlike most previous reports, not only identifies solutions but also, prioritizes and recommends feasible interventions that will improve facilities for the following pilgrim seasons. The Company has been able to broadly build consensus between all relevant stakeholders including the Travancore Devaswom Board, State Government and the Central Government.  The identified interventions include development of the main base camp at Nilakkal and sub-camps / transit camps at various locations spread across Kerala, provision of civic amenities such as drinking water, resting areas, toilets, hospitals etc, provision of a comprehensive solid waste management system, and various transportation interventions including constructing a queue complex for the waiting pilgrims and ropeway for goods transport.

Services Provided: The Company provided continual support for acquiring necessary permissions and sanctions for permissive use of land as per the concept plan recommendations. The extended guidance and support to the implementing agency; namely TDB for implementing immediate interventions for the forthcoming pilgrim season at Nilakkal base camp as suggested in the concept  plan and is a member of the working committee for implementation of the master plan has also been provided by the Company.
Following were the services during phase 1 of Master planning process:
Preparation of Detailed Design, Bill of Quantities and Estimates for:

  • Parking: Layout of parking lots and design for access
  • Water Supply: Demand estimation, feasibility of Onsite source, feasibility of on-site sources, location of ground water monitoring wells, recommendations, specifications of on-site treatment system
  • Sanitation: Layout and plans for toilet blocks, septic tanks, specifications
  • Solid Waste Management: Estimation of secondary storage bins, specification of bins, location, transportation plans, facilitate identification of recyclers, identification of suitable site and methodology for composting
  • organic waste
  • Health Counseling centre: plan & Specification for establishing a temporary facility
  • Designing the widening of trek routes
  • Upgradation of SWM: estimation of secondary storage bins, specification of bins, location, transportation plans, facilitate identification of recyclers, identification of suitable site and methodology for composting organic waste
  • Updation of existing toilets: Specification for water taps, hand washing facility
  • Plan & specification for new toilet blocks at Pampa
  • Plan & specification for bathrooms at Sannidhanam
  • Designing installation of signages
  • Specifications for mobile latrines & plan for cleaning up septic tanks
  • Plan& specifications for establishing cardiac care centers
  • Preliminary study & design for setting up queue complex
  • Accommodation facilities of Police Personals at Nilakkal Base Camp
  • Sewage Treatment Facilities at Nilakkal  
  • Existing Road Improvement, Details of Proposed New road to Parking area at Nilakkal
  • Development of Additional Parking Facilities at Nilakkal  & for entry diversion of existing road off the gopuram 
  • Development of Ponds at Nilakkal
  • Upgradation to STP at Pampa
  • Provision of Resting Places along Trek Path from Pampa to Sannidhanam
  • Cardiology Centres at Neelimala & Appachimedu  
  • Latrine Blocks along Trek Path from Pampa to Sannidhanam 
  • Providing drinking water facilities  
  • Critical points for consideration while planning the Appam Aravana Complex
  • Terms of Reference & Preliminary Design for Development of Queue Complex
  • Streamlining management mechanisms including possibility of exploring options for Private Sector Participation
  • Preparation of budgetary cost estimates, tender documents, for issuance for the facilities based on pre-qualification criteria wherever applicable to be provided at Nilakkal, Pampa & Sannidhanam during the ensuing pilgrim season, evaluation of tenders (if requested by the client)
  • Review and reporting of the aforementioned immediate requirements at Nilakkal, Pampa & Sannidhanam during the ensuing pilgrim season
PHASE 2: Preparation of interim Master Plan for 2015 & regional master plan by 2050, which incorporated urban design and built fabric analysis, Heritage & Vaasthu Considerations, Regional, Landscape & Environmental aspects, Water & Sanitation, Traffic & Transportation etc. For detailed assessment various studies and surveys were conducted in regional and landscape analysis and infrastructure planning. The results of these studies have been grouped in various sub-modules: Regional Module, Infrastructure Module: Transportation, Infrastructure Module: Water&Sanitation, Infrastructure Module: Other amenities and Facilities, landscape module and the guidelines for development. Essential interventions for improvement of the facilities by 2015 & 2050 (2 phases) and the land area required for implementation of these has been suggested.

Client: Government of Kerala

Project Status: Completed (2006)

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