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Resettlement and Rehabilitation Component of Integrated Management Plan for Ship-Recycling Industry at Alang

Location: Alang, Bhavnagar (Gujarat)

Project Description: The Ship-recycling Yard at Alang located near Bhavnagar in Gujarat happens to be the largest ship-recycling yard in the world.  The unique geographical features of the area including a high tidal range, wide continental shelf, 15 degree slope, and a mud-free coast - are ideal for easy beaching of ships of various sizes during the high tide.

In order to improve the infrastructural facilities and to ensure sustainability of the ship-recycling industry under critical conditions, the Government of Gujarat initiated a project to assess the status of existing infrastructural and other related facilities at Alang.  The Company was entrusted with this prestigious project, aiming to identify the infrastructural needs and the institutional mechanism required to accomplish the tasks.

The project involved studying the likely business projections to assess the adequacy of the existing infrastructure and the infrastructural updates required to face the boom time in ship-recycling industry.  Extensive field studies were carried out in Alang to understand the status and also interacted with the stakeholders to duly factoring their concerns while framing the integrated management plan for the ship-recycling industry at Alang.

The comprehensive analysis of the ship-recycling industry revealed many dimensions that need to be considered through a special mechanism for the focused efforts to ensure sustained business development in Alang.  If the business projections at Alang are of any indication, the peak of ship-recycling industry is expected during the year 2010-11 and it can only be converted into its long term advantage, with the synchronized growth of infrastructure and other facilities.  In the light of detailed analysis of the existing scenario in respect of ship-recycling process and other auxiliary facilities in Alang, future business projections and gap analysis, and the clear scope for improvement were highlighted in the report submitted to the Gujarat Maritime Board.

Client: Gujarat Maritime Board

Project Status: Completed (2009)

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