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Environmental Management & Social Advisory Services

Hydrogeological, Environmental and Social Due Diligence for Greenfield Siting in Yadgir District, Karnataka

Location: Yadgir District, Karnataka

Project Description: The proposed Bottling Plant at Yadgir is a greenfield project. The Client was interested in understanding the field level situation on various dynamic and static parameters to establish the proposed Plant in the Industrial Area being notified by the Karnataka Industrial Area Development Corporation (KIADB) in Yadgir District of Karnataka State. The infrastructure requirements of the proposed Plant are as follows:

  1. Availability of a perennial Surface Water Source to meet Plant needs of 10 MLD
  2. On-site water storage facility for at least 120 days
  3. 250 acres of contiguous land for establishment of the Plant
  4. Uninterrupted power supply of 5MVA initially; which would be later augmented to 10MVA.

The hydrogeological and environmental due diligence included:

  1. Delineation of watershed and hydrogeological investigations
  2. Landuse and socio-economic analysis of the study area
  3. Environmental site assessment as per American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) 1527 and 1528, modified suitably to meet the Indian Regulatory conditions
  4. Land suitability analysis for identifying 250 acres land parcel from the 3200 acres land
  5. Identification of alternatives for surface water source and on-site water storage facility, alternative routes for water supply pipeline, options for wastewater management and alternatives for sourcing of power
  6. Procedure for obtaining government approvals for all project components
  7. Recommendations for project implementation
The entire study was based on review of available secondary data, field studies and collection of primary data and discussions with various stakeholders including the local bodies and the regulatory agencies. In addition, informal generic consultations were held with the local community to understand their perception about the proposed industrial development in their area, water availability and the related issues.

Services Provided:

  • GIS based Land Suitability Analysis using Multi-criteria Assessment method
  • Environmental and Social Assessment
  • Hydrogeological Investigation including Pump Tests, Resistivity Survey, Soil, GW and Surface Water Sampling & Analysis
  • Compilation and analysis of data for Water Sources for the Project, Water Pipeline Route Alternatives
  • Land, Water and Power related Regulatory Approvals involved in the project
  • Detailed Project Feasibility Report

Client: Food & Beverage Industry, MNC

Project Status: Ongoing(since 2010)

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