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Environmental Management & Social Advisory Services

Environmental Information Management System, Steel Authority of India Limited, Rourkela Steel Plant

Location: Rourkela, Orissa State

Project Description: Environmental Information Management System (EIMS) is a software application that facilitates environmental data acquisition and management and assists environmental and senior management of Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) in making faster and meaningful interpretation and reporting of collected environmental data.  The objective of establishing such a central data repository was to allow the RSP to assess environmental performance of the facility at any given time, assess efficiency of the control equipment to take appropriate actions, manage audits, non-conformances, and corrective and preventive actions and to optimise production practices to reduce emission levels.  The overall objective in establishing such a system was to help the RSP in meeting the regulatory compliance requirement.

Services Provided: The Company conducted a brief assessment of the RSP facility to identify potential areas of environmental concern requiring external consultant support.  A need of establishing an environmental information management system was realised that provides easy data entry, validation and storage of monitoring information that could help in data monitoring, acquisition, and presentation to analysis for informed decision- making at the RSP facility.

The scope of work included; review of existing environmental and supporting information management system, design, development and deployment of pilot EIMS at Environmental Engineering Department, Environmental Laboratory and Captive Power Plant within the RSP facility, user acceptance testing, conducting assessment and training of the user's of the EIMS software and submission of a blueprint for facility wide EIMS development and implementation.  The customised software was developed using existing RSP platforms Oracle 9i, tools like Form 9i and Report 9i and was deployed on the available LAN system (Sun system [Solaris Operating System]) at the RSP on completion.   

Client: Rourkela Steel Plant, Steel Authority of India Ltd.

Project Status: Completed (2004)

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