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Environmental Management & Social Advisory Services

Environmental Audit of the Taj President Hotel, Mumbai

Location: Mumbai

Project Description:The scope of work included conducting an initial diagnostic study at Taj President Hotel with an objective to convert the Taj President Hotel into a “Sustainable Green Building” based on the principles of energy efficiency, water conservation and waste minimization.  As a part of the Initial Diagnostics, a detailed audit was conducted of Hotel's use factors and costs in the following areas: Energy, Water and wastewater, Solid Waste Management, Carbon footprint, Environmental Pollution and Green Hospitality Conduct.  The audit findings were used to identify the key areas of improvement within Taj President Hotel for energy, water consumption, reduction of waste and carbon footprint.  The output of the study was used to prepare direction opportunity map and detail opportunity scoping of project in the above mentioned areas, cost benefit analysis of each opportunity and an implementation plan.

Client: Nature First and The Indian Hotel Company Limited (Taj Group)

Project Status: Completed (2008)

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