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Environmental Management & Social Advisory Services

Impact Assessment due to Plant Operations on the Water Quantity, Quality and Soils at the delineated watersheds located near Varanasi, Food and Beverage

Location: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Project Description: This study would  help  the Client  to  understand  any  relationship  that  might  exist  at watershed  scale  between  the  water/soil  quality  and  its plant  operations. The key objectives of the study were:

  • Study of plant operations and summarizing potential contamination threats and prioritizing contamination threats;
  • Studying the status of groundwater levels fluctuation for the past two seasons (Pre and post monsoon) on watershed basis
  • Studying the status of groundwater quality variation within the watersheds for the past two seasons;
  • Observing the present status of groundwater and soil quality, including land suitability with respect to agricultural and domestic usage within the identified study area; and
  • Preparation  of  impact  study  reports  due  to  plant  operation  on  various  environmental components, especially groundwater and soil.

Services Provided:

  • Delineation of watershed(s) around the plant
  • Identification of a representative observation groundwater well network
  • Evolving a sampling plan to collect and analyze the water and soil samples.
  • Evaluation of hydrogeological system and development of a conceptual flow model
  • Conducting Water Quality Modelling Studies
  • Development of Soil and Water Analysis model
  • Analysis of ground water levels, water quality and land suitability
  • Preparation    of    impact    study    reports    due    to    plant    operations   

Client: Multinational Company

Project Status: Completed (2009)

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