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Environmental Management & Social Advisory Services

Water Source Vulnerability Study and Source Water Protection Plans

Location: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh and Wada, Maharashtra

Project Description: The Water Source Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) and Source Water Protection Plan (SWPP) is a critical component in the sustainability of the Water Resource. This includes a set of Action Plans, Programs, Policies & Projects to ensure that Source Vulnerabilities are dealt with and the risks are managed well. Action Plan for Implementation is prepared based on Risk Management Plans to meet the goals and objectives on Source Water Protection. Risks are analyzed and categorized based on a thorough study of the Facility/Industry and its location within the Region. Watershed based approach is resorted to for delineation and to study the area of influence. The ultimate objective of undertaking the proposed exercise is to prepare a management plan designed to identify and reduce water related risks.
The work has been carried out the work in 2 phases:

  • Phase I involves preparation of SVA. This includes the collection of requisite baseline data to understand the vulnerabilities through desk study and collection of field level information. The output of this phase is a comprehensive vulnerability inventory. 
  • Phase II includes preparation of SWPP (based on the information gathered during the SVA). This includes development of goals and objectives, preparation of management plan, development of implementation and monitoring schedule.

Services Provided:

  • Environmental and Social Assessment
  • Detailed Hydro geological Investigations including Pump Tests, Resistivity Survey, Soil, GW and Surface Water Sampling & Analysis
  • Preparation of Source Vulnerability Index
  • Detailed Project Report giving the Source Water Protection Plan and implementation strategy

Client: Multinational Company

Project Status: Ongoing (since 2010)

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