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Geo-Spatial Solutions

Digital Mapping of Sri Lanka and All Major Cities and Towns for Planning, Designing and Optimising the Telecommunication Network

Location: Sri Lanka

Project Description: IEISL undertook a detailed mapping exercise for Bharti Airtel, to develop the database of Sri Lanka for country wide telecommunication planning. The database was developed from high resolution satellite imageries and consisted of land use/ land cover information to understand the probable rates of absorption/reflection of the waves,, clutter classified according to the density of development to assess the urbanisation at various locations, the infrastructure and connectivity pattern to understand the logistics requirement , settlements, industrial clusters, land marks, demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of the region to analyse market potential, height profile of the region to facilitate RF planning, and administrative boundaries and sensitive/restricted areas to understand the compliance requirements.

Client:  Bharti Airtel, SriLanka

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