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e-Registration Project, Orissa

Location: Orissa, Bihar

Project Description: National Land Records Modernisation Programme (NLRMP) is one of the major Mission Mode Projects (MMP) of the National e-Governance Programme (NeGP). NLRMP aims at modernizing the land administration of the entire country within the project period by moving the entire activities to the digital domain and by streamlining the process countrywide by an appropriately re-engineering the business processes in land administration. Various projects have begun incubation in the form of pilots, and IEISL has been actively partnering with the government agencies.

In Orissa, IEISL SSD is providing end-to-end services for e-enabling the registration system for the entire state. The Orissa e-Registration Project aims at creating an e-registration system in the 28 districts of the state, which would attend to some of the activities envisaged to achieve the objectives of NLRMP. The proposed system would completely achieve the migration of all the registration process, including land and all other obligatory registrations, to a digital medium. As the first component of the project, SSD is currently migrating the existing records into a state of the art database system. An application was developed to automate the complete project workflow and the data migration.

Client: Government of Orissa

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