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GIS solutions for fixing the formation level for GIFT City, Gujarat

Location: GIFT City, Gujarat

Project Description: IEISLSSD has provided GIS solutions for fixing the formation level for GIFT city, optimizing the cut-fill requirements, and thus helping the city to be more environment-friendly.

IEISL provided Digital Elevation Model, Slope Analysis, Aspect Ratio Analysis, Cut-Fill Analysis and Conversion of Physical features collected from ground to GIS platform to support the Master Planning of GIFT City. The contour values supplied by the client-appointed survey agency were rectified based on Face values.

IEISL provided overlay of the physical features on Masterplan, conducted conflict analysis of the service networks versus transportation infrastructure as well as the storm water drainage and service trenches versus buildings. The cut fill analysis based on the sections helped to optimise the soil import and export requirements for the city. IEISL also provided the required GIS services to plan the city without disrupting the natural drainage pattern.

Client: Fairwood Consultants
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