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GIS based Water Infrastructure planning

Location: Jalore District of Rajasthan

Project Description: The project aimed at facilitating strategic expansion and optimal utilization of existing water resources and infrastructure for sustainable growth. A comprehensive spatio-temporal rapid assessment of existing water resources was conducted to identify critical interventions.

The broad scope of work included the creation of Base Map and Geo-database for Jalore District (Including 256 villages) from High resolution satellite imagery, Mapping of water infrastructure from secondary information and primary surveys, and Conversion, Compilation, Structuring and Augmentation of Existing Data.

The High Resolution Digital Base Map of Jalore District was created using high resolution (2.5 meter) satellite imagery. Data layers created include administrative information up to village level, urban and rural infrastructure like road & railways, settlements, Social and other Infrastructure details and Demographic & Socio-economic Details. All features like Natural and manmade water sources, Catchments and Sub catchments, drainage pattern, for Irrigation and Non Irrigation distribution networks, Over ground and Under Ground water resources etc were mapped. The information thus collected was structured and augmented to develop a GIS based tool for analysis and planning.

Sponsor: PDCOR (Jalore District of Rajasthan)

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