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Geo-Spatial Solutions

Database for facilitating planning and development of Tripura power plant

Location: Tripura

Project Description: With the purpose of promoting economic growth in the North Eastern States and eradicating regional imbalances in the country, IL&FS, along with ONGC and the State of Tripura is engaged in development of a Natural gas based thermal power project and associated transmission line in Tripura. IL&FS is assisting in the development of the project in activities like site identification, land acquisition, preparation of DPR, obtaining of project clearances / approvals and award of contract.

IEISL has actively supported IL&FS with a customised Geodatabase of the region to facilitate the site suitability & feasibility analyses, land evaluation and formulation of acquisition strategy and clearance/approval processes. IEISL has provided the detailed geographic data of the area including landuse/land cover, infrastructure and connectivity, terrain and settlements data along with data on eco-sensitive areas, restricted/protected areas and administrative boundaries.

Client: IL&FS

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