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DGPS Survey and Forest Database Creation

Forest management requires appropriate intervention at various levels for;

  • The conservation of existing forests,
  • Encouraging- Encouragement of ¬†people's participation
  • Protection of biodiversity and genetic resources;
  • Strengthening social forestry activities.

This multi-dimensional approach towards forest management calls for a robust information base for the areas under forest. The application of modern technological platforms like GIS, remote sensing in this context have enabled better forest management, desertification combat, biodiversity management, environmental monitoring and evaluation etc. Non spatial components like statistics of forest cover, forest types, deforestation rate, etc. when integrated with the respective spatial components like location, boundary and other linkages provides significant insight towards forest management.

In the similar context, IEISL has been involved in the development of forest database inventory for the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. Under this the spatial information base for the forest blocks has been developed through extensive ground survey using high precision survey instruments like GPS/DGPS and Total Station. Further, the survey input has been used for the demarcation and preparation of notified forest area database.

For this purpose, our field team comprising of GIS, survey and mapping experts has been engaged for the extensive survey of forest area. The information passed from them has been used to logically delineate and map the forest boundary to enable the right decision support for further planning, analysis and consolidation.


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