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Clean Development Mechanism(CDM)

Upgradation, operation and maintenance of 200 TPD Composting facility at Okhla, Delhi

Location: Okhla, Delhi

Project Description: The objective of Okhla MSW Composting Project at Delhi is to avoid methane emissions from anaerobic decomposition of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in a landfill site through controlled aerobic decomposition in a windrow composting process. The aerated composting process will avoid methane emissions and will also result in compost as a product that can be utilized as organic fertilizer for agricultural purposes. The Okhla Project treats biodegradable waste predominantly from vegetable market(s) of Delhi and on average diverts approximately 73,000 tons of MSW per year (200 TPD) that otherwise would be disposed in nearby landfill site if the project was not constructed. The project involves claiming CDM benefits for methane avoidance through composting of MSW at Okhla, Delhi. The project got registered with UNFCCC on 22 June 2009. Registered with UNFCCC, successful VER & CER issuance and the project is undergoing third verification


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