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Clean Development Mechanism(CDM)

Bundled Waste processing facilities in India

Location: Jalandhar (Punjab), Kozhikode (Kerala), Mysore (Karanataka)

Project Description:  The project is registered and undergoing verification process. The objective of the project is to avoid methane emission through processing of municipal solid waste (MSW) in compost plants located at Jalandhar, Kozhikode and Mysore having an aggregated capacity to process 600 TPD of waste. The project involves controlled aerobic decomposition of biodegradable component of MSW in a windrow composting process. The process of composting results in reduction of GHG emissions by avoiding methane emissions from anaerobic decomposition of MSW. The project involves claiming CDM benefits for methane avoidance through composting of MSW in 3 cities of India. The project got registered with UNFCCC registered on 27th June 2010.


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