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Waste Management

Assessment, Evaluation, Management and Rejuvenation/Reclamation and Post Closure Management/Resource Extraction of the Existing Landfill Site at Uruli Devachi / Fursungi, Pune

Location: Pune City, Maharashtra State

Project Description: Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) needed a comprehensive solution to the MSW Disposal at the existing dumping ground at uruli-Devachi. The project includes undertaking a total station survey, collection and analysis of vertical waste, geological and hydrogeological profiling at the dumping ground. Based on the information gathered detailed Design Drawings, DPR and Cost Estimates were submitted for PMC's approval.  The assignment involves formulation of the project on a PPP framework and bidding them out to international companies/consortia on a DBOOT basis on an International Competitive Basis (ICB) process. The Company would also be involved in project supervision and monitoring.

Services Provided: The Company was responsible for overseeing the total station survey, vertical waste profiling, geological and hydrogeological studies, review of current disposal practices, preparation of technical details for remediating the existing dumping ground and preparation of detailed project report for Closure of the existing dumping ground. The team is also responsible to undertake all the statutory approvals for the project and prepare the legal and contractual structure (concession agreement) for the projects.

Client: Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai

Project Status:Ongoing (since 2009)

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