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Improving Landfill Methane Energy Recovery from Developing Country Landfills – feasibility studies in India under US EPA Methane to Market Program

Location: Solid waste dumping yards across India

Project Description: The Institute for Environmental Management, Inc, (IEM, Inc) has proposed feasibility studies to determine best sites to implement permeable layer and related technologies for improving and/or optimizing methane (landfill gas, LFG) recovery for energy utilization in developing countries. With the available budget, the decision has been made by IEM, Inc., in consultation with the US EPA to focus this project exclusively on India.

Services Provided: The work products associated with this project were feasibility studies that identified suitable project sites, site-specific design adaptations and preliminary design details for landfills in India that will enable increased LFG recovery and quality for energy uses and reduction in methane emissions. 

The project plan is divided into three main activities:
1.  Preliminary Screening: data collection on sites, selection for feasibility studies (Q1-2)
2.  Pre-feasibility Studies -  to allow selection of the most favorable sites (Q3-Q4)
3.  Conceptual Design Studies, of the selected sites and final report on project (Q5-Q8).

Candidate sites were of two types;
1. “Green field” sites, where landfill construction was anticipated to be carried out in the next year or two, and from which no gas extraction was contemplated at that time, or
2. Existing sites where LFG extraction may be taking place but extraction difficulties of the type described in our proposal might be overcome and LFG recovery improved.

Around 12 solid waste dumping yards across the country were studied and evaluated as per the scope.

Client: Institute for Environmental Management Inc, USA (in collaboration with USEPA)

Project Status:Completed (2009)

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