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Waste Management

Consultancy Assignment for Collection of Solid Waste Data and Analysis, Waste Processing Technologies and Scientific Management of Existing Dumping Grounds of Mumbai – Deonar, Mulund, Kanjur

Location: Mumbai City

Project Description: The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai following a competitive bidding process has awarded a consultancy contract to IL&FS for setting up scientifically managed and environmentally sustainable SWM services at three disposal sites located at Deonar, Mulund and Gorai. In addition, MCGM has identified a Greenfield site at Kanjur for setting-up an integrated waste processing facility. 

Services Provided: IL&FS has undertaken detailed data collection and analysis to arrive at waste characterization for close to 7,500TPD of MSW.  IL&FS has evaluated the environmental and social impact of current SWM practices and worked out appropriate technological solutions for processing and scientific management of waste at the disposal sites. The project has been developed taking into account land availability, feasible technologies and their environmental and social impact. IL&FS has closely examined the possibilities to recycle and reuse the waste, with special emphasis on the commercial and marketing aspects of the process outputs generated after treatment of waste.

The plan to close the existing dumping ground at Gorai (20Ha approx) in line with MSW Rules 2000 is the first project of its kind in India. IL&FS has successfully undertaken the work of preparation of detailed design, estimates, and tender documents to shortlist and select the preferred bidder for executing the project, construction supervision and project management. Gorai project has received CDM benefits on account of sale of carbon credits. IL&FS was instrumental in getting an ERPA signed with Asian Development Bank.  As a result of this effort, MCGM will get Rs. 267 million for the CER's sold until 2012.   The total expected revenue generation from the CERs for the Gorai project is Rs. 729 million. MCGM is the first Urban Local Body to avail CDM benefits by implementing MSW closure project. Preparation of project design documents, obtaining host country approval and validation of CERs have been successfully carried out by IL&FS.

The partial closure of Deonar dumping ground and development of waste processing plant at the reclaimed area is the second project handled by IL&FS. IL&FS has developed a plan to partially close the site (131Ha approx) and have a smaller footprint area of 65 hectare by following MSW Rules 2000. A composting plant to handle waste up to 2000TPD has been proposed along with allied site infrastructure works such as compound wall, storm water diversion works, leachate collection and treatment facility, roads, etc. IL&FS has assisted MCGM in preparation of tender documents, evaluation of tenders and recommendation of the best bidder to implement the Deonar project and its subsequent O&M for a Concession period of 25 years on DBOOT model.

Setting up of a Biomethanation plant at Mulund dumping ground is the third project formulated by the Company on a PPP format. IL&FS has developed a unique project to convert 500 tons of organic waste into energy. The Company has assisted MCGM in preparation of tender documents, evaluation of tenders and recommendation of the best bidder to implement the Mulund Biomethanation Project and its subsequent O&M for a Concession period of 25 years on a DBOOT model.

MCGM has identified and procured a site admeasuring 141.77Ha at Kanjur Village, in the Eastern suburbs of Mumbai. The site is adjacent to backwaters of Thane creek and was used as salt pan in the distance past. Kanjur site is also designed on a PPP framework. As per the waste management plan prepared for Mumbai, it is envisaged that Kanjur site will commence to receive about 4,000TPD of MSW. Thereafter, the MSW received at the site will increase linearly to 6400TPD by 2023 and 7500TPD by 2030. It is proposed to set-up a 1,000TPD Compost facility and a 3,000TPD Bioreactor processing facility at Kanjur site.

IL&FS was instrumental in getting funds amounting to Rs. 178 crores to MCGM under the JNNURM for infrastructure development for setting-up the proposed ISWM project (Rs. 62.57 crore for the project from the Central Government and the rest from the State Government and MCGM).

Client: Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM)

Project Status: Ongoing (since 2005)

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