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Waste Management

Setting up 50-75 TPD MSW Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility at the existing dump-site at Sonsoddo, Margao

Location: Margao City, Goa

Project Description: The current SWM system in Margao, Goa does not include segregation or recycling and scientific processing of waste. The waste is being disposed off through an open dumping, resulting in non-compliance to environmental regulations (MSW Rules, 2000). It is evident that the present practice of solid waste management followed in Margao needs to be upgraded to handle current and future requirements and therefore there is a tremendous scope for modernizing the system. In view of this, Margao Municipal Council (MMC) floated a tender inviting bidders to set-up a 50 TPD MSW Processing Plant on a DBOOT basis. The Company along with its consortium members was awarded this project.

Services Provided: The consortium was responsible for overseeing the total station survey, waste quantification and characterization, vertical waste profiling, geological and hydrogeological studies, review of current waste collection, transportation and disposal practices, preparation of technical details for remediating the existing dumping ground and preparation of detailed design drawings for the Compost Plant, Landfill (5 years life) and Partial Closure of the existing dumping ground.

Client: Margao Municipal Council

Project Status:Ongoing(since 2009)

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