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Waste Management

Master Plan Sub Component: Solid Waste Management for Cochin City

Location: Cochin, Kerala

Project Description: The Government of Kerala entrusted the work of Preparation of a Master Plan for Cochin City to the Municipal Corporation of Cochin. The Master Plan for the city was prepared with a vision period of 20 years for the horizon year 2026. The CMC invited offers for consultancy services for the physical infrastructure sub-component of the Master Plan for Cochin City, comprising Water Supply Sector, Sewerage Sector, Drainage Sector and Solid Waste Management (SWM), through a National Competitive Bidding. Based on the evaluation of the technical and financial bids received, The Company had been entrusted with the task of providing consultancy service for the Preparation of a Comprehensive Plan for Solid Waste Management Sub-Sector in Cochin Corporation area.

Services Provided: The tasks carried out as part of the project included, reconnaissance surveys to identify the major points of waste accumulation, field surveys, review of current collection, transportation and disposal practices, evaluation of waste treatment technologies, selection of technical options for primary and secondary collection, transportation, technical details for treatment and disposal of waste / preparation of an integrated waste management and phased implementation plan. Following have been the works carried out towards developing a proposal for comprehensive SWM in Cochin:

  • Preliminary Reconnaissance of Cochin Corporation Area
  • Secondary data compilation and analysis
  • Detailed discussions with Officials of Cochin Corporation
  • Discussions with Residents of Cochin Corporation Area in identified pockets
  • Case studies of Decentralised Waste Management
  • Primary Reconnaissance to understand the Recycling  Activities
  • Understanding the Issues and Deficiencies
  • Primary Surveys to determine the quantity and characteristics of the waste generated
  • Updation and inventorisation of the existing infrastructure
  • Population and Waste Quantity Projections for the Master Plan Period
  • Setting Targets and Goals
  • Technology Screening and Final Selection
  • Detailing out the guidelines and procedures
  • Detailing out the Framework for Implementation
  • Detailing out the Management Mechanism (for the Short Term Plan) including Institutional and Financial Aspects
In addition to fulfilling the requirements of the ‘conventional master plan' report, such as waste quantity projections for the master plan period and projects to achieve the set targets and goals, the report spells out the guidelines and framework for implementation in great detail so as to support the city administration towards finding a sustainable solution for the most crucial issue faced by the city.

Client: Corporation of Cochin

Project Status:Completed (2007)

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