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Waste Management

Integrated Solid Waste Management for Kottayam Municipality

Location: Kottayam town, Kerala

Project Description: As part of the implementation phase of Kottayam Kumarakom Ecocity Programme, the task of implementation of SWM for Kottayam Town was awarded to the company. Overall project was to improve the waste management in Kottayam, especially with regard to treatment and disposal at Vadavathur dump site so as to improve the environmental and social situation.

Services Provided: The tasks carried out as part of the project included, reconnaissance surveys to identify the major points of waste accumulation, field surveys, review of current collection, transportation and disposal practices, evaluation of waste treatment technologies, selection of technical options for primary and secondary collection, transportation, preparation of technical details for remediation of the existing dumpsite, preparation of an integrated waste management and phased implementation plan. 

Based on the inputs, a detailed feasibility report and tender documents were prepared and submitted to Kottayam Municipality which was used for National Competitive Bidding wherein, almost 10 nationally vibrant operators offered their Expression of Interest to participate. The Company was involved in technical and financial evaluation (two stage) of the received proposals, selection of preferred bidder, negotiations with the preferred bidder and final selection of operator, thus transferring Kottayam to the position of being the first municipal town in India to initiate an Integrated Solid Waste Management treatment and Disposal System as per Central MSW Rules, 2000.

The Kerala Chief Minister has formally launched this project on June 18, 2005.  The team's work in Kottayam demonstrates that if a project is well structured, the private sector will be willing to come in, invest capital and provide economically and environmentally sustainable SWM services despite the small size of the project. The waste generated at Kottayam is around 40 tonnes per day. This project is expected to provide a replicable model for similar projects in smaller towns and cities across the country. Several discussions with the stakeholders including authorities at municipal, district and state level were held to finalize the contours of the project and move it forward.

Client: Kottayam  Municipality

Project Status:Completed (2005)

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