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Waste Management

Assessment of financial Implications of MSW Rules 2000, and Willingness - to - Pay in Kottayam Region, Kerala

Location: Kottayam Municipality and eight neighbouring Panchayats

Project Description: A study was conducted on the Kottayam Region (KR) including the Kottayam Municipality (KM) and adjoining eight panchayats. This study also looked into the perceptions of private and public sector towards MSW rules and private participation in SWM which would provide some inputs in realizing the maturity of 3Ps.

Services Provided: The tasks carried out as part of the study included :

  1. Assessment of existing MSW management system, including available infrastructure and manpower of KM and panchayats falling in the study region
  2. Review of existing system vis-à-vis provisions of MSW (M&H) Rules, 2000 and identification of deficiencies that need to be addressed be taken to be compliant with the said Rules.
  3. Review of proposed plans of KM/Panchayats towards meeting compliance requirement
  4. Survey to analyse Perception of private sector operators on MSW (M&H) Rules, 2000
  5. Broad assessment of environmental and social issues.
  6. Review and evaluation of the existing systems of waste processing and disposal and selection of most appropriate technology to comply with MSW Rules and suitable to local conditions.
  7. Review of budget of the local body (KM and Panchayats) and the allocation for capital and recurrent expenditures on solid waste management, including details of process for budget preparation and approval, financial statements for the past five years, overall financial position, major expenditures and income sources and taxes/charges for MSW services, their recovery and the ratio between revenue and expenditure.
  8. Estimation of financial implications (capital and recurrent expenditures) on the KM including additional investment requirements to be compliant with the MSW (M&H) Rules, 2000 considering the funding resources available.
  9. Review of available budgetary resources to meet additional funding requirement for MSW.
Examination and recommendation of  disincentives that can be put in place for dumping and non-adherence to the Rules and related cost structure for regulating the activities

Client: Water and Sanitation Programme, World Bank

Project Status: Completed (2007)

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